A More Enjoyable Plane Ride

Those long flights across oceans and continents can really take a toll on your body & mind. Thankfully after countless flights, I’ve come up with some tips to keep you comfy and sane.

 Neck pillow/ Lower Back Pillow

A neck pillow is essential for comfort on any long plane ride. I remember early on in my flying days, I didn’t think I needed a neck pillow. I thought I would be fine because I was young, but I was so gosh darn wrong! My neck ached and it made the plane ride feel extremely long. I recommend the Cabeau neck pillow. I’ve tried many kinds, but this one fits nicely around your neck without making your head push forward! Plus its memory foam and has 360 degree support for your head & neck. Thankfully, if you forget or don’t have your neck pillow, airports always have them to buy. Another great recommendation, from my husband, is a lower back pillow. This is especially helpful if you have lower pack problems. A memory foam one works best, and you can find a round pillow for your back at many different stores. He likes the one from Muji best. But a lot of people prefer ones that can inflate. So if you are one of those people, I recommend this one by Therm-a-Rest. 

Earbuds/ Headphones

We all know that on long flights they give you those cheap headphones to use. This is great if you forget yours, but having your own is much better. The sound quality is better and it’s more comfortable, too. I love my BOSE Quiet Comfort Noise Canceling Headphones the best. They cancel out all the plane noise from the engine and any baby cries, so you can hear your movies. I often put them in just for some peace and quiet on a flight. They are way more comfortable than dealing with earplugs. Just remember to charge these bad boys before boarding for your flight.

iTunes TV Shows and Movies

Just like in my blog post: Tips for Traveling or Moving to China, iTunes provides you with the option to watch shows or movies without an Internet connection. This is epically huge if you are an avid show/ movie watcher, or don’t usually care for what the airlines provide. Just remember to download them over Wi-Fi before boarding the plane.


This one is a more recent tip that I’ve started doing. In the past, I use to think I didn’t need all these extra things for comfort. But now I realize why wouldn’t you want to make your plane ride as enjoyable as possible. In Asia, hotels often give you one-time slippers you can wear. Well, I take those with me and keep them for flights. It’s great because you wear them one time and just leave them on the plane. So why are slippers good for you? Well, they let your feet air out and move more freely. Plus feet often swell from the lack of movement when flying, along with the change in altitude. Taking of your shoes lets your feet swell if they need to, and this way they wont be uncomfortable. If you can’t find these disposable slippers, you could keep and old pair of slippers just for travel, or slipper socks could work too!

I hope these tips help you feel more relaxed on your next plane ride! We all have to take airplanes to travel these days, so we might as well make it enjoyable.


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