How to Pack Like a Boss

If the thought of packing your bags for your next vacation gives you an uneasy feeling, you are not alone. I was in the same situation before living abroad. I would have to pack way in advance and would freak out if something got in my way of packing. Just ask my husband! He could tell you many stories of my rage towards packing. Thankfully after many trips for work and leisure, I’ve come accustomed to packing. And might I say, packing with limited time before my flight. I was recently packing for a trip to China where I really thought about what I do to make packing an easy task to manage. Therefore, in order to help keep all of your stress levels down, I’m telling you 5 things to remember so you can pack like a boss for your next trip.

  1. Make a Handy Dandy List

You’re probably thinking this is a no brainer, but I’ve seen too many people go on packing without a list. I don’t care how good you think your memory is. You still have a chance of forgetting something important such as your phone charger or toothpaste. Yes, you can probably get toothpaste at your destination, but why should you waste your precious vacation time running around buying the things you forgot. Remember you are there to relax! I recommend writing your list over the course of one day. Don’t just sit down and write it all and think, well I’m done. You should write what comes to your mind first, then go about your day and come back to the list later on. I guarantee more things will be remembered this way.

  1. Plastic Baggies = Friends

Raise your hand if in the past you packed your bags, got to your destination and realized you have a flowing river in your suitcase. I know it’s happened to me. You might think that your shampoo bottle won’t leak or that your face wash is closed tight, but think again. During plane travel your suitcase is thrown around (literally) and items in your suitcase get jolted all over the place. There is a high chance that one of your liquid containers pops open. So save yourself the mess and put any liquid that might open up into a gallon size baggie. If you are concerned about saving out planet, which I hope you all are, have no fear. When you return home from you glorious beach vacation, these baggies make great pooper scooper bags on a walk with your furry friend.

  1. Start NOW!

Okay, I know I said earlier that I could pack with limited time before my flight. This is true, but I still don’t recommend it. If your busy life allows it, you should try to actually start packing those bags at least three days before you leave. That way you can see if you have everything and if you don’t, you still have time to run to the store. But remember that you need to write that handy dandy list before you pack. So make sure to allow a day of list writing prior to any movement toward your suitcases.

  1. Enjoy your Space

Much of the time, people do not utilize all the space in their luggage. Take your shoes for example. Especially if you were blessed with large feet, those shoes will take up a lot of room. To combat this issue, why not stuff some socks in those shoes. Socks go in shoes anyways, so it’s a perfect fit. Also, always remember to roll, roll, roll your clothes. When I started traveling, I swore that rolling would wrinkle them. After giving in and trying, I realized that it won’t wrinkle and your clothes will be fine. You can fit twice as much in your suitcase if you roll. Also, remember to leave some extra space for any souvenirs. Many people forget this and end up pouting when they can’t bring back that gorgeous shell lamp from the Bahamas. 

  1. RELAX

This can’t be stressed enough! If you remember the above points, then this last one is easy to follow. I use to get so high-strung over the very thought of packing. It would make me sick to my stomach that I would forget something, or I didn’t know how to fit all my belongings inside my suitcase. A good way to relax is divide up the time you pack. Maybe pack a little Saturday morning, and then go see a movie with your friend. Come back in the early evening, put on some tunes and finish packing. This way it doesn’t become a tedious and boring task.

Well, there you have it folks. My 5 things to remember so you can pack like a boss for your next trip. Remember if you want to travel, you are going to be packing a lot. But I promise it gets easier and easier the more you do it.

2 thoughts on “How to Pack Like a Boss

  1. We love to use these dainty little ziploc like platic bags in which you can push the air out and flatten the clothes. Not too much to crinkle the clothe but enough to save some space + organize them.


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